World Trade Organization - Geneva
United Nations - Geneva
Salle des pas perdus - Palais des Nations
World Conference - Religions, Creeds and Value Systems 25 June 2018
United Nations - NGO conference - Geneva
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United Nations conference
ILO 100 years conference
World Health Organization - Geneva
United Nations - Geneva
Reduced Mobility - Broken Chair - Geneva
Qatar Room XIX UNOG
Walk the Talk 2018 - Geneva
Dr. Tedros - Director General World Health Center
Place des Nations - Walk the Talk
Walk the Talk 2018 Geneva
A Day 4 All - Palais des Nations - Geneva


Holocaust Rembrance Day - UNOG 27 Jan. 2020
75 years ceremony - Victims of the Holocaust - 27 January 2020
Humanitarian Networks & Partnership Week 2020 - Geneva
HNPW 2020 - Mathew Serventy, Catherine Watson, Manuel Bessler, Ramesh Rajasingham
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Martin Ostermeier, Adiba Qasim, Jan Harvey Parafina, Marwan El Chazli, Jasmine Pokuaa Oduro, António Guterres
World Health Organization - Genevaa
Anti Mask protest - 12 Sept. 2020
United Nations Directors General
Orbisswiss Professional Photographers
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ILO Conf Human Rights Room UNOG
Palais des Nations - United Nations - Geneva
Human Rights Room - UNOG
World Health Organization - Geneva
United Nations - Geneva
World Health Organization - Geneva
Celebrating Ghandi's birthday 2019
Holocaust Rembrance Day - UNOG 27 Jan. 2020
Sec-Gen Mr. António Guterres - Maison de la Paix - Genève
United Nations Geneva coverage

With more than 30 years of professional experience in photography, we have a keen eye for a story and know exactly how to instantly capture it on digital images. During the past 4 years Orbisswiss Photos & Press has covered more than 1,200 international and local events in Geneva. Our digital images have been featured in major publications on 3 continents. Utmost dedication is taken in providing clients with quality photographs and press reporting.

We are accustomed to cover Geneva international events at the United Nations, WHO, ILO, WMO, WTC, WIPO and others UN organizations. We also cover press conferences, individual groups, meetings, N.G.O.s meeting at the UN in Geneva. Remaining discrete and respectful when taking photos is the mark of a seasoned reporter. We rely on mirrorless Nikon DSLR - completly silent camera shutters.  All of our digital images are carefully individually selected for quality, pertinence and edited with Lightroom + Photoshop.
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Palais des Nations Unies - Genève
UNHRC - Genève
UNHCR refugees lodging
UNHCR building - Geneva
World Trade Organization - OMC - Genève

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Ethiopia Tigray protest - Place des Nations - Genève
Place des Nations - 13 January 2021
United Nations Geneva - 13 January 2021
Swiss police forces during anti Paul Biya protest - 17 July 2021
Protester climbing the United Nations gate