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With more than 30 years of professional experience in photography, we have a developed special talents to capture images of Heads of State, diplomats, renowned scientists, artists, sports figure, international activists, and various personalities in the news. During the past 4 years “Orbisswiss Photos & Press” has covered more than 1,200 international and local events in Geneva. Our digital images have been featured in major publications on 3 continents.

We are accustomed to cover Geneva international events at the United Nations, WHO, ILO, WMO, WTC, WIPO and other UN organizations. We also cover press conferences, individual groups, business meetings, N.G.O.s in Geneva and select venues in Switzerland. We are a ‘life member’ of the Geneva Press Club.

Public Service Announcement - Please wear face masks
Le Rhône à Genève
Parc des Bastions - Genève
Ici, masque obligatoire ! Genève
Genève à Noël
La neige à Genève - Janvier 2021
United Nations, International Labor Org., World Trade Organization


Wearing masks in Geneva - Masque obligatoire
TPG tram - Genève
Vevey paddleboat on Lake Léman
Le Vevey sur le lac Léman