The Humanitarian #MeToo moment: Where do we go from here? Maison de la paix- IHEID - 13 May 2018 - Geneva Switzerland
Heba Aly - IRIN Director
Human rights abuses - Inter-Parliamentary Union 25 October 2016 -  CICG Geneva Switzerland
Messieurs Sergeï Lavrov (Russia) and Ignazio Cassis (Switzerland) - 28 November 2018 -  Geneva - Switzerland
Isabelle Gattiker - Directrice FIFDH Genève
Club Suisse de la Presse - Genève
Au-dela des droits humains - 17 décembre 2018
Ruth Dreifuss
Club suisse de la presse - Genève
Bernard Miyet
Alain Jourdan - Tribune de Genève
Dr. Mehmet Ferden Çarikçi - Turkey
UNESCO International Conference -  Protecting Cultural Property - 25-26 April 2019 - Geneva - Switzerland
Fête des Vignerons - Vevey 2019
Antonio Hodgers - Président Conseil d'Etat de Genève
Intellectuels répondent à António Guterres et Greta Thunberg
Alexander Likhotal - Green Cross president
Baltasar  Garzón
Melinda Taylor - International Attorney
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Daniele Finzi Pasca - Fête des vignerons 2019 Vevey
Urgence climatique - conférence de press CSP
Professeur Dominique Bourg - UNIGE
Catalan political leaders take the violations of human rights to the United Nations
Caux forum - Dialogue on Environment and Security
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Geneva Health Forum - 10 April 2018 -  Switzerland
Geneva Health Forum 2018
Geneva Health Forum 2018
CICG Center - Geneva
Mauro Poggia - Geneva Health Forum
US presidential Election - November 8 -2 016
US presidential election - November 8 - 2016


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Civil society hearing into Iran’s 1988 massacre
Civil society hearing into Iran’s 1988 massacre
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With more than 30 years of professional experience in photography, we have a keen eye for a story and know exactly how to instantly capture it on digital images. Just during the past 4 years Orbisswiss Photos & Press has covered more than 1,200 international and local events in Geneva. Our digital images have been featured in major publications on 3 continents. Utmost dedication is taken in providing clients with quality photographs and press reporting.

We are accustomed to cover Geneva international events at the United Nations, WHO, ILO, WMO, WTC, WIPO, and other UN organizations. We also cover press conferences, individual groups, business meetings, N.G.O.s in Geneva and select venues in Switzerland. Remaining discrete and respectful when taking photos is the mark of a seasoned reporter. All of our digital images are carefully individually selected for quality, pertinence and edited with Lightroom + Photoshop.
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Africa CEO Forum - Hotel Intercontinental - 21 March 2017 - Geneva Switzerland
Africa CEO Forum - Geneva 21 March 2017
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Suisse souveraine et engagée - Ignazio Cassis
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