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People in the News - VIPs

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Events - International Geneva

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General - Image gallery

We cover international events
Service interreligieux - Genève 2020
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Sec-Gen Mr. António Guterres - Maison de la Paix - Genève
United Nations Geneva - Religion conference
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With more than 30 years of professional experience in photography, we have a developed a keen eye for a story and know exactly how to instantly capture it on digital images. Our photos have been featured in major publications on 3 continents. Utmost dedication is taken in providing clients with quality photographs, emphasis on press reporting relevance.

We are accustomed to cover major international events in Geneva, such as at the United Nations, WHO, ILO, WMO, WTC, WIPO, Club Suisse de la Presse, Palexpo, CICG and others. Our main focus is covering press conferences, individual groups, business meetings, N.G.O.s in the canton and select venues in Switzerland. Remaining discrete and respectful when taking photos is the mark of a seasoned reporter. All of our digital images are carefully individually selected for quality, pertinence and edited with Lightroom + Photoshop.
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Anti President Paul Biya protest - Geneva 17 July 2021


Urbana - Architecture & More

Urbana - Architecture and more

Panorama de Genève et jet d'eau
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Anything to Say? - Julian Assange Geneva Call
Presidents Biden & Putin - Genva Summit 2021
Anti Paul Biya protest - 17.07.2021

Geneva calls for the release of Julian Assange
 Stella Morris in Geneva 05.07.2021

Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin
“Geneva Summit 2021”

Water cannon & tear gas fired at protestesters
Cameroon President Paul Biya - Geneva 17.07.21

Protester scalling UN Geneva gate
United Nations art - Rath Museum exposition - September 2021

Cameroon protester climbing the gate
of the United Nations - Geneva 17.07.2021

An artistic look on the values of the United
Nations - Rath Museum 31.08.2021

The Giants 10 K - Geneva 03.10.2021
Kakidan Gezahegne - World Record!

The Turkey Tribunal
Hotel Intercontinental Geneva - 24 Sept. 2021

Celebrating 20 years of international solidarity
Geneva - 04 October 2021

La Tour Genève Triathlon 2021
( 72 images of the races)

Turkey Tribunal - Geneva
20 ans de solidarité internationale à Genève