United Nations - Geneva
Geneva calls for the release of Julian Assange
Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva
Water cannon and tear gases - Geneva
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United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. António Guterres, at the Maison de la Paix - Genève

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United Nations & Orgs.

Presidents Binden & Putin
“Geneva Summit 2021

Urbana - Architecture

Events - International Geneva

Geneva calls for J. Assange release
Stella Morris in Geneva 05.07.2021

Escapes - Discovery

Water cannon & tear gas launched
Cameroon Pres. P. Biya 17.07.21

Cameroon prtester climbing UN gate
Artistic look at the United Nations
Kakidaan Gezahegne World Record Geneva

Cameroon protester climbing gate
United Nations - Geneva 17.07.2021

Artistic look on values of the United
Nations - Rath Museum 31.08.2021

The Giants 10 K - Geneva 03.10.2021
Kakidan Gezahegne - World

Rembering Jo Siffert - Swiss legend
The Turkey Tribunal 24 October 2021
Celebrating international solidarity - Geneva

Jo Siffert - Formula F1 driver
Rembembering a Swiss legend 23.10.2021

The Turkey Tribunal
Hotel Intercontinental Geneva 24.10.2021

Celebrating 20 Y international solidarity
Geneva - 04.10.2021

Police protecting the United Nations
Professional photographers - Genève
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Our photos have been featured in major publications on 3 continents. Utmost dedication is always taken in providing clients with high quality photographs, with emphasis on media communications,  press reporting relevance and advertising impact.

We are accustomed to cover major international events in Geneva, such as at the United Nations, WHO, ILO, WMO, WTC, WIPO, Club Suisse de la Presse, Palexpo, Centre International Conférence Genève (CICG) and other locations. During the past 6 years we have covered over 2,000 events in Geneva:

international press conferences, individual groups, business meetings, N.G.O.s., trade shows, etc. Remaining discrete and respectful when taking photos is the mark of a seasoned reporter. 

Vibrant photos can make a lasting impression – people are likely to remember an image much longer vs. textual or verbal information. 


•   By the hour (min. 2 hours),  half day or full day
    Location:  Geneva and throughout Switzerland

•   Single-photographer or two-photographers onsite option

•   Images carefully selected (RAW format) for quality, pertinence and edited with Lightroom,
    or Nikon NX Studio + Photoshop

•   24 hour turnaround service for most events
    (6 images available the same day – for immediate media publication)

Let us cover your next event in Switzerland. We are absolutely confident that you will be thoroughly satisfied with the quality of our work.

CONTACT  info(at)orbisswiss-photos.com

Geneva  and  throughout Switzerland

With more than 30 years of professional experience in photography, our team has developed a keen eye to cover a story, and how to instantly capture it on digital images for maximum impact.


•   Corporate events, trade shows, receptions                      •   Press conference / seminars / product showcase

   •   Corporate teams / groups at your location                     •   Portraits (onsite) – corporate/marketing / media

      •   Lifestyle / stock photos / website images                    •   Architectural  / landscape


Protesters rally against Russian invation of Ukraine - 26 Feb.2022